Brand story

In comes LINEA ROSA, an inspirational force which embodies a free-spirited style that knows no bounds, a vigorous drive bent on instilling individualism into a world of unquestioned conformity. Embodying delicate elegance, LINEA ROSA strikes a stark yet uncannily tantalizing contrast with a seductive, independent, wayward aura.

2011, LINEA ROSA started her journey.

2012-2013, cross-over with fashion blogger HAN,HUOHUO and  celebrated with a limited collection.

2014, cross-over with avant-garde designer ZHANG, CHI  and celebrated with a limited collection.

2015, cross-over with international fashion stylist LI ,HUI and celebrated with a limited collection.

2017, JOHANNES HUEBL, celebrity photographer assigned to be chief creative director.

2018, LINEA ROSA launches collaboration with Fashion Doll Designer - Andrew Yang on limited edition collection.